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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Die Hard 2


It's Christmas again and permanently pissed off NYPD Lieutenant John McClane (Bruce Willis) is at Dulles International Airport in Washington, waiting for wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) to land. However, terrorists, led by former Special Forces Colonel Stuart (William Sadler), have taken over air-traffic control, and are threatening to crash one plane after another until their demands to have a South American drug lord (Franco Nero) released from prison are met. McClane, determined to stop him, single-handedly goes off on a one-man mission to stop/take out the terrorists and save hundreds of lives, which is further complicated when it turns out that a Special Forces team led by Major Grant (John Amos) are in league with the terrorists.

The film may lack the massive impact of the 1988 original, not least because it lacks such a spine-tinglingly cold and calculated villain as Alan Rickman's Hans Gruber, and the below zero snowy weather means Bruce Willis is wrapped up in thick winter clothing, but it is still a great film and really ticks the boxes as an action film. The 'gun-fight' between Grant's Special Force Unit and the terrorists will have you on the edge of your seat as men are 'shot dead' and snowmobiles go flying, and you will have trouble believing your ears when it turns out to have been faked, as 'both sides' were using blanks. The climactic fight between McClane and Grant, and McClane's subsequent destruction of the terrorists' plane is so well choreographed, and with such an explosive finale that you will be unable to tear your eyes away. Naturally the film's airport officials are sod-all use, which only serves to build up the tension more. And the effects are superb, with the plane crashes/explosions made so well that you will just want to watch those parts again.

Like most sequels it doesn't live up to the original - which is an extremely high standard to live up to - but it is a great film to watch as both an action thriller, and to see what McClane went on to do after defeating Hans Gruber two years earlier.

Bruce Willis, William Sadler, Art Evans, John Amos, Franco Nero, Bonnie Bedelia, Dennis Franz, Reginald VelJohnson, Fred Thompson, Tom Bower, William Atherton, Shiela McCarthy, Don Harvey, Tony Ganios, Peter Nelson, Robert Patrick, John Leguizamo, Tom Verica, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Mark Boone Junior, Colm Meaney, Robert Costanzo, Darren Naylor.

BMI Film & TV Award: BMI Film Music Award (Michael Kamen).

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