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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bruce Almighty


The film follows Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey), a down on his luck TV reporter, who seeks a promotion and a better life overall. After a series of misfortunes, which include getting beaten up for helping a homeless man (Jack Jozefson), Bruce yells to the Heavens, insulting God and claiming he is powerless. The next day, however, he comes face-to-face with God (Morgan Freeman), who gives Bruce his powers on a temporary basis to see if Bruce can do any better. Initially Bruce uses the powers to make his life perfect, turning his beat up old car into a Ferrari, parting traffic, and getting himself a promotion, but later on learns that he must use his powers to help others, which causes both successes and major problems.

As a Christian I find that the story is one to be disagreed with as God would never grant anyone his powers, but as a person I (and I'm sure everyone else) will feel the need to think "What would I do if I had God's powers?" It's human nature, no doubt about it. The film captures that and makes it so funny to watch with witty verbal and physical gags, as well as some very farcical moments, although at times the screenplay gets a little too absurd and predictable. Jim Carrey has perfect comic timing as Bruce, making him a very over-the-top and farcical character, and one of the all-time greatest comical characters that Carrey had played since the mid-'90s. Freeman makes God all-knowing and all-loving, yet also a very quirky and altogether charming character as well. Very good support is provided by Jennifer Aniston as Bruce's girlfriend who is such a heartwarmingly loving character, and Steve Carell, who provides some great comic moments with a range of hilarious facial expressions and voices. The stars make full use of a colourful screenplay, and work together very well to bring zany, comical life to the physical and verbal gags, and make Bruce Almighty a witty comedy, regardless of the occasional predictable moments.

Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Aniston, Philip Baker Hall, Catherine Bell, Lisa Ann Walter, Steve Carell, Nora Dunn, Eddie Jemison, Jack Jozefson, Paul Satterfield, Mark Kiely, Sally Kirkland, Tony Bennett.

People's Choice Award: Favorite Comedy Motion Picture.

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