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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Final Destination


At the McKinley Speedway track Nick (Bobby Campo) has a premonition of the cars having a horrific, explosive pile-up that kills everyone. He and several others (Shantel VanSanten, Haley Webb, Nick Zano, Mykelti Williamson, Andrew Fiscella, Jackson Walker, Krista Allen, Justin Welborn, Stephanie Honor) leave the stadium just before the crash happens, destroying the stadium. In the weeks following Death stalks the survivors, killing them one-by-one in freak accidents, in the order they would have died had they stayed in the stadium.

All of its characters may die a premature death, but the Final Destination franchise keeps going, with a fifth film coming out next summer, despite the fact this was originally meant to be the finale. It's the same old formula and basically a recycled script, just with differently named characters and a different premonition - how much we crave some originality. The deaths are roughly the same as those in the first three films - crushed, decapitated, run over, et cetera. You know what to expect with these formulaic films, and the deaths come as randomly and gruesomely as ever, only difference being you see it coming. Unlike the originals however the deaths are actually anti-climactic in some cases; e.g. when Samantha (Allen) is in the salon the ceiling fan comes loose and falls, and while it comes loose you expect it to fall and decapitate, only for it to miss her by three feet and a stone riden over by a lawn mower flies and splats through her eye. Uninspired and anti-climactic or what? Like Final Destination 3 (2006) there generally is no creepy and suspenseful build-up to the deaths, which made the first two (2000 and 2003) so much more tense and watchable. A recycled, predictable screenplay, it fails to draw you in.

On the one upside there are some good effects, with the premonitions (yes, there's two, with the second one being the mall getting destroyed in a series of deadly explosions - such a pointless build up to an anti-climactic ending), featuring vivid and explosive images, that are eye-catching and sometimes gripping to watch. However, this is all-in-all a poor film and nowhere near as good as the first two, and is even worse than the third.

Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten, Haley Webb, Nick Zano, Mykelti Williamson, Andrew Fiscella, Krista Allen, Justin Welborn, Stephanie Honore, Laura Grice, Jackson Walker.

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