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Friday, 15 October 2010

Mrs Doubtfire


Robin Williams stars as Daniel Hillard, a divorced, out of work voice actor who barely sees his kids (Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence, Mara Wilson). Desperate to see more of them he has a brainwave when he sees that his ex (Sally Field) is advertising for a nanny, so with help from his brother (Harvey Fierstein) and his brother's partner (Scott Capurro) disguises himself as an old Scottish nanny called 'Mrs Doubtfire' and gets the job.

Looking at all of his recent work it is hard to believe that Robin Williams was once one of the funniest men in Hollywood. However, Mrs Doubtfire is one of the best examples of Robin Williams's comedy and shows just how talented he once was. Williams displays immaculate comic timing, breathing true life into the wonderful screenplay, which features both verbal and physical gags and bringing them to hilarious on-screen life, which makes both Daniel and the Mrs Doubtfire alter-ego charming and heartwarmingly entertaining.

The kids are also a heartwarming trio, both charming and entertaining, and are in perfect sync with Williams, creating one of the most powerful, heartfelt parent-child relationships that I have ever seen in a film. Fierstein, and Pierce Brosnan (as the kids' future stepdad) are great support and provide a lot of light-hearted comic moments, and work together so well with the rest of the cast to bring the wonderfully witty, charming and family friendly screenplay to a gloriously entertaining life.

In short, Mrs Doubtfire is a wonderfully entertaining, heartwarming comedy that shows just how truly valuable family is and how important it is to have close, strong, loving relationships with your family, and provides truly wonderful entertainment for the whole family.

Robin Williams, Sally Field, Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence, Mara Wilson, Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Fierstein, Scott Capurro, Robert Prosky, Polly Holliday, Anne Haney, William Newman, Martin Mull.

Oscar: Best Makeup (Greg Cannom, Ve Neill, Yolanda Toussieng).

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