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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Welcome to the Jungle


To find the long missing presumed dead Michael Rockefeller, four friends (Sandy Gardiner, Callard Harris, Veronica Sywak, Nick Richey) head into the jungles of New Guinea, only to find the natives are a race of savage cannibals and that they can't escape.

In terms of shock factor this film has some potential for some very shocking scenes, but they are few and far between and not fully realised to their even basic potential. The long gaps between the shocking scenes of killings and cannibalism don't come till near the end, but they fail to shock when they come, filled with seriously gory images of vivid bloody colours that will put a lump to the throat, especially when one thinks that such a race exist in real life, and that is how people - most likely including Michael Rockefeller - have died, but yet the imagery of the four friends themselves - especially the dead ones - just look as if they have been moulded from plastic, so any shock factor immediately is lost. The wait for these scenes, however, is even more killer, as up until then it's just four friends hiking through the jungle, getting more and more hacked off with each other's bad habits, meaning that the characters become very irritating, very fast, as they are given basically no likeable characteristics, and we only see the unlikeable ones, which are very tedious and very crude a lot of the time as well.

Even the idea of the film being shot through two camcorders like a documentary fails to work as they shake it as if they are sprinting even when they lie down. Plus are we really meant to believe that the batteries can last for four days plus non-stop filming? Also, it is not a documentary, so one can not even say that the bland, crude, underdeveloped and irritating screenplay is natural to them as it was all scripted. Poorly paced, poorly written and poorly performed, this is most definetly one of those horror films where you spend most of it saying "I'm bored now, can we just get some gore", so with little redeeming quality about it, and no shocking and tense scenes till near the end (with said scenes flopping almost immediately, resulting in less than 1/100 minutes being a shocker), this film is also a bit of an insenstive look at what happened to Rockefeller, whose fate was a tragic one, which is still a sensitive topic for many to this day.

Don't waste your £3 buying this film, buy an older horror like Dracula (1931), or just any horror film that is actually good. The worst film of 2007 for me.

Sandy Gardiner, Callard Harris, Veronica Sywak, Nick Richey.

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