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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Making a promise to myself and readers, right here, right now...

I realise with a lot of shame and regret that since October 2010 I have been slacking in the reviews department. I have currently 51 half finished reviews, which when finished will go into the archives for November 2010 to March 2011. My aim is to have all the drafts from November to January completed by the end of May. This may or may not be possible, we will just have to see. What I promise though is that when I get back from New Word Alive (starts tomorrow - CAN'T WAIT) on Friday I will get back to blogging after a good night's sleep and from then till the next time I go away for a few days, and I will publish a review every other day!
For anyone who was a regular reader, but has returned less and less due to my lack of self-discipline in the review department, I must apologise and I will make sure that this promise shall not be broken.

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