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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Black Gold


In this documentary by the Francis brothers we get an intimate insight into the Ethiopian coffee trade, as the documentary explores just how much hard work 15 million Ethiopians making a living from it put in with so little reward, while chains like Starbucks bring in the profits.

The documentary is very thought provoking and hits hard as we are offered sensitive and brutally honest truths first hand from coffee farmers. For us coffee is an every day almost essential - I drink at least two mugs a day - and they work all the hours to provide it for us. Generally, we barely work two-thirds the daily hours they do, but we reap good rewards we take for granted - good food, clean water, new clothes, and we get a good education, all of which is offered to us on a plate. Despite their hard work they live in poverty without any of these things.

As they speak of how they feel about all of this in between details of profits chains such as Starbucks make in a year, one really appreciates how blessed they are as their view of coffee is changed. Watching this and thinking about it now I feel guilty as I have been so blessed in my life, and take it all for granted, while they would do anything to have what I have, yet they work all hours to provide something I drink at least a litre of daily. The harsh realities really provoke thoughts and your hearts will go out to those farmers, as we hear their views in sensitive, intimate expressions of emotions.


Sundance Film Festival nomination: Grand Jury Prize (World Cinema: Documentary - Marc Francis, Nick Francis).

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