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Monday, 19 September 2011

Titanic Honour and Glory Exhibition

Three weeks ago I went down to Chatham Dockyards to see the travelling Titanic Honour and Glory Exhibition. The Exhibition is a very moving one and a very historical one also, featuring artefacts from the debris field, personal possessions of passengers and crew now long deceased, newspaper articles from the day of the sinking, and articles concerning the enquiries in subsequent weeks. As well as this there were many statistics, details of theories, lists of those on board - both survivors and those lost - and a short film about sister ship RMS Olympic (review here), as well as items from sister ships Olympic and Britannic.

The Exhibition also features props and costumes from the 1997 film. As the latest in a longish line of Titanic researchers I lost respect for James Cameron as (particularly in the depiction of First Officer Murdoch) he showed some fair disregard for historical accuracy. However, I will give him his dues as he very well depicted the contrast between the social classes, and also the fear and panic in the final minutes, as well as doing a terrific job with the ship's final minutes. What the film also did was get a whole new generation interested in the ship. At Titanic Exhibitions one wonders how many there have genuine interest, or are there due to their love for the film, but at the end of the day Titanic is the most famous shipwreck in history, and is one of those stories almost the entire world are aware of one way or another. Here are some snaps of the film's props and costumes I got...

A lifebelt 
 Rose's note to Cal
 One of Rose's many fine dresses and one of Cal's tuxedos
 First class Dining Room chair
 Jack's signature semi-scruffy attire and one of Rose's dresses
 Various small props that cameod in the film
 The Heart of the Ocean necklace
 The famous drawing that led the character of Rose to return to Titanic 84 years on
Bernard Hill signed photo, next to a photo of him as Captain Smith

Also at Chatham Dockyards is the miniature of the submarine in Bond film The World is Not Enough (1999), which was used for the exterior shots (and yes, the scribe on the sign got the year of the film's distribution wrong)...

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