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Monday, 12 September 2011

Untitled Short Film about RMS Olympic


Presumably filmed in the early 1910s, this Untitled 5 to 10 minute piece of film, presumably made to advertise a voyage on RMS Olympic, one of RMS Titanic's sister ships, during its early days as a cruise ship, by depicting a day in the life of a First Class passenger - the meals, the various rooms for socialising, and time in the various sports rooms.

The film is rather interesting, particularly if you have an interest in the Titanic, as I do, as it displays the luxury in the First Class, and one can see from the background passengers just how comfortable and luxurious it was on board, and also what a wonderful social experience it was - cigars in the Smoking Room, sparring matchs in the Gymnasium. It also shows just how hard the unseen crew worked, by showing the kitchen staff preparing dinner with all kind of impliments that one can't believe ever existed within the last century. This is as it would have been on the Titanic and it is a reflection of how the pre-World War I rich would holiday and in some cases move to a different continent.

The piece of film does, however, look far too rehearsed for an advertisement that is shot like a documentary, more so in the most prominent passengers in the film than those in the background, and it doesn't feel very natural at all, and comes across fairly cheesy in places thanks to the expressions which look slightly exaggerated. However, this does not stop it from being an interesting little piece of film. As far as I am aware it is only available to see when one goes to see the travelling Titanic Honour and Glory Exhibition, which is a shame, but the exhibition is definetly one to go to, and this film is among the highlights. I will write about the exhibition later this week.

1910s (Early).
Silent with Intertitles.

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