Welcome to this blog of my film reviews. Some have been drafted carefully on paper, others I have sat and typed. I'm going to make it clear right now that I don't expect you to agree with my (re)views, or to like my style of writing. However, I want my views to be just out there and open, as a person who wishes to express himself from deep within. Feel free to comment and debate with me, but I do ask that you are civil and not harsh, as any comments which are basically swear words and insults will automatically be deleted. Also any text that is in orange (and often bold) is a Hyperlink to either a source, or a previous post for background reference.

Friday, 20 April 2012


As I'm sure you're all aware I've badly neglected this blog for quite a while now and it's not in a state where it can easily be repaired. As a result I'm starting a new blog on Wordpress, to get to click here. To my readers of the last 20 months I'd like to just say thank you and God bless.

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